Greetings from The Den of Opulence & Slack

I am a woman of images. My natural inclination is to draw a visual map of my ideas. My instinct is to record what I see with ink into forms.

I am not usually a woman of words. I am not usually inclined to write my ideas down in neat pros. My instinct carries me away from words-not towards them. 

Yet here I am.

The purpose writing these stories in my little corner of the universe is to showcase my upcoming work, projects, & all matters I deem important. Matters I deem important enough to bang-out during my morning coffee.


A woman of a few words so it seems.

 I like art. I really  like good art. I also like matters concerning heart, queerness, magic and shadowy consciousness. If that also interests you, yay! If that is not something that interests you, wonderful!

I like either outcome.


I run a very tight ship at The Den (aka my visual compost pile/dogs' sleeping territory). A ship destined towards... I don't know. For now, I will leave that open.

That is an appropriate point to pause-the moment before the jump. So here we go.

Happy Days & Magic Things,