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Noel Smith-Sparrow is a self-learned artist from Wakefield, Quebec. She works primarily as a painter and illustrator. Working from her motor home throughout North America, her pieces reflect the ever-changing dynamic of the human body in relation to 'their' surroundings. Using the marriage of ink, watercolour and acrylic, her work is both hyper-detailed and fluid; reflecting the seemingly solid yet impermanent nature of the human body and soul.

The common theme threading her work together is the embracing of what one does not ordinarily perceive to be real on the gross physical plane. Her work is delicate and feminine with a strong undercurrent of the universal ache to be reconnected to the divine. Noel's work tells a story of metamorphosis and re-birth through rich symbolism and powerful archetypal figures. Using the language of paint and ink, Noel seeks to capture the beautiful, sacred and strange in the mundane. Her paintings are much inspired the alchemical- process of transmutation seen through a lens of dark satire.

Our reality with weird little peaks behind the cosmic curtain. Noel uses the language of tantra, buddhism, witchcraft, western-psychology  and the beauty in the mundane to illustrate her experiences. These observation can be found in  her artwork, writing and personal ethos.